December 2018
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The Gift That Keeps on Giving

So it’s my birthday this week!

Make a wish!

Are you excited yet? While I would love to receive a gift from you this year I’ve also learned that giving can be even more fun than receiving. With that idea in mind I’ll send one of my limited edition postcards to the first ten people who [...]

New Multimedia Piece

Many of you read the profiles I created during my fellowship with the French-American Foundation. Now is your chance to hear some of the voices of those I profiled as well in a short multimedia piece I created.

FAF Presentation from Damaso Reyes on Vimeo.

Time and Tide

Good Friday, Barcelona.

Springtime in California for Damaso

Are you enjoying your first full day of Spring?

San Francisco

I know some of my readers still have snow on the ground but fear not! It can’t last forever, right?

Muir Woods

Between Two Loves

March of last year was split between BCN and Istanbul.

Store window, Barcelona 2012

Hard to say which I enjoyed more…

Istanbul, March 2012

Independence Day

Yesterday was America’s Independence Day so here’s a photo of a little girl holding a flag.

What people forget is that the Revolutionary War lasted more than seven years. Just because you declare something (e.g. I am a photographer) doesn’t mean that the world will recognize it any more than King George recognized those rebellious colonists. [...]

Her Eyes

Watching you, watching me…

Sounds of Havana

Practice makes perfect in Havana

Road Trip Soundtrack #8

So my good friend Jimmie got in on the soundtrack action and made us a fantastic mix of rare jams. Here is a cut from his road trip soundtrack!


Another exhibition, another postcard! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in St. Louis next week for my opening…

At the End of the Day

Self Portrait in Negative Space. Vienna, September 2010

Nature vs. Nurture

Vienna, September 2010

Rite of Spring

Jumping the fire at a spring festival in [...]

The Haunting

Salvador Dali seems to haunt bassist Carlos Henriquez during a rehearsal at Jazz at Lincoln [...]

Damaso and his List of Useful Stuff 2009

Stuff you should [...]