December 2018
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Gone But Not Forgotten

This space has been empty for a while not because I’ve had nothing to post but mostly because I’ve been too busy to post. Well that’s going to change starting now.

Stahl Metal and Wood Factory, Zurich

Over the past few months I’ve been all over the place and I’ll be posting images in no particular [...]

Barcelona Exhibition This Thursday!

If you are in Barcelona I hope you will join Diane Sylvester and myself for an exhibition “The Evidence of Things Not Seen” at the HomeSession Gallery on Thursday July 25th at 7:30. The show will incorporate images from my work documenting the spread of Pentecostalism in Europe as well as a multimedia piece I [...]

Up Where We Belong

The sky is so blue here, as is the sea. It can be disorienting.

Stockholm, July 2013

When Pigs Fly

The streets are in Stockholm was more political than I imagined…

Stockholm, July 2013

A Pale Moon Rising

I have been very struck by how green Stockholm is (at least in summer). There are trees and parks seeming everywhere, not to mention all the water. It would be my ideal city in many ways, if not for February….

Boys of Summer

I always try to find a baseball game as soon as I can!

Hello Sweden


The skies are blue, the weather is warm and the smell of herring is in the air. Okay, maybe not that last part but here I am in Scandinavia for the next month and I’m looking forward to sharing my discoveries with you!

the Here and Now

New spaces and old ideas linger together.

Wine Country

The Photographer’s Gaze

All the variations are important.

The Left Coast

Lovely, dark and deep

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I first visited California and not until this year that I got to San Francisco. Although I have traveled the globe I haven’t spent nearly as much time exploring my own nation. That’s something I hope to change.


Around the Bend

Muir Woods, California

Of course there are more images from my trip to the West Coast!

The Castro, San Francisco

Contrasts by the Bay

Oh I know you have been missing my posts but far not! While I haven’t been at the computer much I have been shooting so there will be many, many photos for you!

Muir Woods, CA

City and forest…

SF Moma

May in Blighty

Pentecostal Revival in London. May 2012.

I spent May enjoying the different realities that London had to offer.

Art installation, Poole, UK.

The Hand of Man

Even in rural Andorra the signs of man could be found.

Construction cranes, Andorra.

Some manifestations were more interesting than others.

Public sculpture, Andorra.

A Visit to the Principality of the Valleys of Andorra

I recently spent a few days in Andorra and took a few images while I was there.

Road sign, Andorra.

As you can tell it was rural and lovely.