January 2019
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Bourbon BBQ and Baseball Featured on the Leica Blog

Hello from Havana! Just wanted to share a link to a guest posting I did for the Leica blog of images from our recent road trip, enjoy!

Alls Well That Ends Well!

Well it is time for us to say goodbye, at least to this part of our adventure. We logged more than seven thousand miles, visited twelve distilleries and ate enough BBQ to give our doctors series pause. We also saw some great baseball and met some really interesting folks while we also caught up with [...]

The Kings of Brooklyn

Our trip had to end sometime, didn’t it? Well our last stops were in the county of Kings, which just happens to be my hometown. We visited two of the three distilleries located in Brooklyn, Kings County Distillery and Breuckelen Distilling.

It was a warm day in Brooklyn when we met with Kings County co-owner [...]

The Dynamic Duo of Catoctin Creek

During our five weeks on the road we never thought about the lack of kosher whiskey in the world. Scott and Becky Harris of Catoctin Creek did and their foresight brought us some of the best whiskey we’ve had.

Located in what could charitably be described as a business park, Catoctin Creek is a small, two [...]

Running With the Copper Fox

We’ve met a lot of characters on this trip and seen some pretty interesting distilleries but Copper Fox in Virginia may just take the prize as the coolest distillery we’ve been to.

I had to drag her away…

They say in the real estate world the three most important things are location, location and location. [...]

Lingo Lesson

Besides lots of great alcohol we managed to pick up a great deal of lingo along the way. Here are a few highlights:

The Angel’s Share and the Devil’s Cut

This refers to the amount of whiskey that is lost during the aging process as whiskey evaporates from the barrel (the angel’s share) and that which soaks [...]

Road Trip Soundtrack #15

You just can’t get enough of my beats, admit it! Well wait no longer here is Nancy Sinatra with Bang Bang.

Celebration Distillation

Now when we were down in Old New Orleans we weren’t just drinking on the street and eating our way through town, no we actually went to the only distillery in town! Celebration Distillation makes Old New Orleans rum and they were kind enough to give us a tour.

The distillery was a victim of Hurricane [...]

The Ties That Bind

Some people might think that the American whiskey business is a cutthroat arena of capitalism and for some companies I’m sure it is. But for young micro distilleries there seems to be more cooperation than competition. Take the case of MB Roland in Christian County Kentucky and Dark Corner Distillery in Greenville South Carolina.

We were [...]

The Nighttime is the Right Time

We have talked a lot about all cool places we’ve gone and people we’ve encountered but we haven’t talked much about the essential part of any road trip: the driving. We logged thousands of miles on this trip, driving more in five weeks than I have cumulatively in my whole life. We mostly drove during [...]

Soaking it up

As we have seen, some people are born into the whiskey business. Others answer a calling which develops later in life. Still others answer an advertisement in the back of a newspaper. Such is the case with George Dickel master distiller John Lunn who we visited back when we were still in Tennessee.

Master Distiller [...]

Road Trip Soundtrack #14

Did you think we had abandoned you? Well fear not! Here is our friend MC Solaar starring in another cut from our Road Trip Soundtrack…


During our road trip we stopped in our nation’s capital and we got to visit the Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. memorials.

The MLK memorial is brand new and not without some controversy. I thought the quotations might have been the best part of the whole memorial.

The statue itself was too formal and stolid for [...]

Road Trip Soundtrack #13

Leaky barrel

I know you love Jimmie’s mix now but here’s a cut from my Road Trip Soundtrack. Enjoy the Gorrilaz performing Clint Eastwood.

Road Trip Soundtrack #12

In the lab…

Why stop when you are on a roll? Here’s another cut from brother Jimmie’s Road trip Soundtrack. This time we have the Barkays and Soulfinger!