January 2019
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Feel The Power

Going to a Pentecostal church service is as much an aural experience as it is a visual one. So here’s a short multimedia piece I created to give you a sense of the sights and the sounds of these places.

Speaking In Tongues from Damaso Reyes on Vimeo.

Together, Alone

It always amazes me to observe the interplay between the solitary act of prayer and the communal acts of worship that often occur in different churches.

Kiev, Ukraine


Kiev, Ukraine

The Long Arc

At what point does tradition lose its meaning and become repetition?

Good Friday, Barcelona

How deeply is deep enough?

Church service, Barcelona.

The Next Generation

Children are the true lifeblood of any faith.

Sabbath, Hameln, Germany

So I always keep my eyes open for them.

The Cardinal of Berlin greets his flock.

The Faces of Faith

Here in Spain we’ve just finished Easter and of course we’ve also just begun Passover. So what better time than to post some images of the way religious faith is manifested here in [...]

Holy Week

Last week saw Europe’s Christians celebrate their Holy Week so this week I’ll share some images from Spain of the Christian world.

Good Friday, Barcelona.

Thanks For Coming By!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the exhibition “The Evidence of Things Not Seen” at the HomeSession Gallery yesterday!

Fun was had by all!

May in Blighty

Pentecostal Revival in London. May 2012.

I spent May enjoying the different realities that London had to offer.

Art installation, Poole, UK.

The Movement of the Spirit

Will be televised.

Church service, Kiev 2012.

The Power and the Glory

Church service, Kiev 2012.

The Touch and The Feel

In Pentecostal churches praise can be ecstatic but it can also be contemplative.

One moment. Kiev 2012.

and then…

The healing touch. Kiev 2012.

Back in Barcelona

Well folks I’m back and I’ve been pretty busy. Moving to a new apartment and various odds and ends explains my absence from posting here. But what about the rest of my time in Kiev you ask? Well I shall continue to post images from my adventures!

Casting out the demons. Kiev 2012

Overall it was [...]

The Color of Love

Revival, Kiev July 2012

On the Pitch

A summer’s game in Kiev.

Kiev, July 2012

The Nature of the Game

We all have to wrestle with our demons from time to time.

Kiev, July 2012