January 2019
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Our History In Our Herbs

We became who we are as a society because of farming.

A Masai farmer tends his crops which are used to make anti-malaria medication.

But as we continue to urbanize will we lose this important link to who we are and where we come from?

Forest conservation. Germany 2006.

Viewpoints To Waypoints

Public art has many manifestations and interpretations…

Art installation, Brooklyn

Home Is Where The Heart Is

There’s no where quite like New York in summer…

Parachute Drop, Brooklyn

You come across such interesting things…

Brooklyn Museum

NY Views

I miss the street art in Barcelona.

Lower. East. Side. NYC.

Two Types of Meditation

I can’t wait to become a performance artist.

Art fair, NYC 2013

It will be super awesome.

Reflected Glory

A car wash as performance art.

Art fair, NYC 2013

Window on a World

Moments later a very large man told me I could not take photos. I informed him I could Hilarity ensued…

Allen Street. May 2013.

Day Care for Artists

And people ask me why I don’t have children yet…

Art Fair, NYC 2013

April Showers

April was spent back in NYC!

April, New York City

A different kind of light.

Ya Gotta Love NYC!

Two views of my hometown

The Brooklyn Museum, May 2012

In all its forms!

Demonstration in Lower Manhattan. May 2012

Two Exhibitions in NYC on Display

Several of my images are featured in ETHNOSCAPES at 461 West 126th street in New York and will be on view only until December 2nd, 2012. ETHNOSCAPES is an International group show investigating issues of (social) de-territorialization, migration, and hybrid identities. While I won’t be able to attend I hope that you [...]

A High Trust Society

Everyone watching everyone else…

Park Views

I love New York’s green spaces.

Central Park at Dusk

A Fire in Brooklyn

Since New York is on my mind this week I’ll share some of my favorite images from my hometown.

A Love Eternal

I hope everyone I know and love in NYC is staying safe…

I love NY…