December 2018
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Setting or Rising?

If you just have a glance it can be hard to tell.

Sweden, 2012

Fortunately for us we can still choose whether we are rising or setting. I hope we choose wisely.

What Remains

How many waterways do we have left to spoil?

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what we’re looking at until we can’t see it anymore.

Cuba, 2010.

The Road We Are Taking Should Be Less Taken

Just where is the road of development taking us? Should we stop and ask for direction or keep barreling forward recklessly?

Rural Bridge, Hungary 2009.

For a species obsessed with history we don’t seem to learn much from it.

A young boy looks up from sorting fish in a local market.

The Nurture of Nature

As a documentarian I spend a great deal of time photographing people. But humanity exists withing a much larger context. This week I’ll share some of my images of the natural world and us within it.

Farmers tend to flowers as part of a UNDP funded development project.

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Last month I spent some time on Cape Cod and got to go to the Cape Dance Festival.

I’m not a big fan of contemporary dance but I sure am glad I got to see these wonderful performers in this amazing setting!

Window Dressing

Just another day in Ã…lvik.

A Pale Moon Rising

I have been very struck by how green Stockholm is (at least in summer). There are trees and parks seeming everywhere, not to mention all the water. It would be my ideal city in many ways, if not for February….

Wild America

Noe Valley, San Francisco

I certainly met some characters during my time out west.

The Headlands

Safe and Dry

I’m back in NYC but I have lots of images to share from my time out West.

Wire sculpture, de Young Museum

So all this week I’ll be sharing some of what I saw.

Park Views

I love New York’s green spaces.

Central Park at Dusk

Only A Mother Could Love

Someone is happy to see me…

Dog, Brooklyn 2010

Swimming Upstream

Fire and ice in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Botanic Garden in winter

Circus Performer

Always expect the unexpected.

Llama, France 2009

Boy with Duck

This week’s theme is wildlife, or at least as wild as I come across…

Labor Demonstration. Barcelona 2010

Looking Down

Sometimes we spend so much time looking forward and up we forget to look down…