January 2019
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The Streets Are Watching

The street portrait is a kind of alchemy. A brief encounter sometimes allows for the powerful transmission of emotion.

We have many such encounters during our days. We rarely remember them but the photograph gives us an opportunity to examine these moments in greater detail.

New Orleans, 2006.

How Well We Remember

We’ve gotten to the point where gallerists in America feel comfortable scheduling openings on this day.

September 11, 2001

Does this mean that we are forgetting or does it mean that while still remembering we are moving on?

Laying the new cornerstone

How do you remember the past and those who we’ve lost without living in the [...]

Turn It Upside Down

Seeing is often believing. And vice versa.

Brooklyn, July 2014

Interrogation Room

Asking questions and making assumptions…

Brooklyn, July 2014

Look Up and Live

Sometimes the most interesting part of the room is the part you take for granted.

Brooklyn, July 2014

Dead Letter Office

Coney Island has changed a great deal since my childhood. But while us abhor change for a new generation these new spaces will be the ones they cherish

Coney Island, July 2014

Viewpoints To Waypoints

Public art has many manifestations and interpretations…

Art installation, Brooklyn

Home Is Where The Heart Is

There’s no where quite like New York in summer…

Parachute Drop, Brooklyn

You come across such interesting things…

Brooklyn Museum

Native: New York Featured on the Leica Camera Blog

My ongoing project Native: New York was featured on the Leica Blog recently…

You can visit my website to see more from this series!

NY Views

I miss the street art in Barcelona.

Lower. East. Side. NYC.

Two Types of Meditation

I can’t wait to become a performance artist.

Art fair, NYC 2013

It will be super awesome.

Reflected Glory

A car wash as performance art.

Art fair, NYC 2013

Window on a World

Moments later a very large man told me I could not take photos. I informed him I could Hilarity ensued…

Allen Street. May 2013.

Day Care for Artists

And people ask me why I don’t have children yet…

Art Fair, NYC 2013

These Days

Too busy to blog? Perhaps. Too busy to shoot, not so much…

I’m just running around, trying to remind my NYC folks that I’m still alive and shaking the money tree while I’m at it. Stay tuned I will have some good news to announce soon!