January 2019
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Death Be Not Proud

Last year while I was back in New York a very good friend died and I’ve been struggling with his death ever [...]

Past to Present

One of the problems I have is keeping in perspective everything I’ve accomplished in a year when all I can think about is what I did not get done that I wanted to. So it’s good to take a moment to remember what I actually did last [...]

The City of Light

Paris is a place I’ve spent some time but not nearly enough. It’s hard to see a place that you are familiar with suffer. From my own experience in New York during September 11th it seems clear that both war and terrorism impacts the innocent the most.

One Year Later…

Jimmie and I

It’s been a year since I donated my kidney to my best friend and I feel better than ever! The first few weeks of recovery were intense but since then I’ve been able to run a half marathon and get back to work on my project The Europeans.

Having [...]

After the Aftermath

Never forget is one of those tiresome tropes that we mutter when we’re still in the shock of disbelief and struggling with our pain. But time moves on and we do forget. But for those who lived through Hurricane Katrina ten years ago they don’t have the same luxury we do.

I haven’t spent nearly enough [...]

Fantasy Island

I spent over three weeks in Ireland and was quite busy. I opened an exhibition, participated in a panel discussion and did two workshops.

But I didn’t feel like I took as many images as I wanted to.

Performance artist Rebecca Strain in Derry.

Memory is a funny thing because when I looked through my images I [...]

Let’s Talk About Europe!

Join me up at Fort Dunree on Saturday for a panel discussion about the future of Europe and Ireland’s place in it.

“MEP Marian Harkin and Artlink’s Declan Sheehan. Damian Dowds, editor of the Inishowen Independent, will moderate the discussion.”

For me art is the starting point for this important discussion and this is an opportunity for those [...]

Setting or Rising?

If you just have a glance it can be hard to tell.

Sweden, 2012

Fortunately for us we can still choose whether we are rising or setting. I hope we choose wisely.

The Streets Are Watching

The street portrait is a kind of alchemy. A brief encounter sometimes allows for the powerful transmission of emotion.

We have many such encounters during our days. We rarely remember them but the photograph gives us an opportunity to examine these moments in greater detail.

New Orleans, 2006.

Admission Of Omission

Sometimes what we leave out of a portrait is more important than what we leave in.

Havana, 2010.

Time Travellers

Not all portraits contain or consist of faces. A portrait should strive to capture something deeper than mere identification; it should give us a feeling that we are inhabiting the emotional space the subject and photographer shared at the moment the photograph was created.

A traditional song festival in Brittany.

So we work as hard [...]

Close But No Cigar

While it may be true that “if your photos aren’t good enough you’re not getting close enough” we should never fall pray to the idea that proximity is a substitute for intimacy.

Pentecostal church service, Barcelona

Sometimes the two are linked, often they are not. Intimacy, not closeness, should be what we are searching for. A [...]

Between The Skin And The Shirt

The most difficult thing for me is a portrait. You have to try and put your camera between the skin of a person and his shirt. – Henri Cartier-Bresson , Photography Year 1980, LIFE Library of Photography , Page: 27

Marine Corps training ground.

It might be too far to say that every photograph is a [...]

On The Side

I’m a man of many interests. Or you can say I’m easily distracted. Either way I’ve got other stuff going on than just photography!

I do more than take pretty pictures all day.

I maintain a couple of other blogs where I try and share some of the opportunities that come across my screen. At fellowshiplist.blogspot.com [...]

The Creative Class

Far too many people believe that being creative is something you’re simply born with, or at least learn at an early age. There are lots of adults walking around with slumped shoulders believing that they must be content with a life that consists primarily of drudgery.

Havana 2011

It makes sense that our society would have [...]