January 2019
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Place and Name

Being in the North of Ireland meant spending some time in Northern Ireland.

So close and yet so far away…

History surrounds us here.


The North

I spent most of my time in Donegal which is pretty far north and fairly rural.

As a city boy I’m not used to all that open space but I did enjoy it.

And yes, it was very, very green.

But there was some blue as well.

Fantasy Island

I spent over three weeks in Ireland and was quite busy. I opened an exhibition, participated in a panel discussion and did two workshops.

But I didn’t feel like I took as many images as I wanted to.

Performance artist Rebecca Strain in Derry.

Memory is a funny thing because when I looked through my images I [...]

The Great Debate

Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday for our exciting discussion up at Fort Dunree!

You can listen to what went on below.

Let’s hear what you have to say!

Let’s Talk About Europe!

Join me up at Fort Dunree on Saturday for a panel discussion about the future of Europe and Ireland’s place in it.

“MEP Marian Harkin and Artlink’s Declan Sheehan. Damian Dowds, editor of the Inishowen Independent, will moderate the discussion.”

For me art is the starting point for this important discussion and this is an opportunity for those [...]

Taking It To The Streets

Come on up to Donegal for my street photography workshops on Saturday and Sunday!

We will talk about best practices and approaches and how to get over your fear of shooting on the street. Participants will also receive Kodak Professional Film!

Book Here

The Europeans Featured in the Irish Times

The Europeans has been featured in an online gallery by the Irish Times. Check it out for yourself here! And don’t forget you can see my exhibition here in Donegal through the month of May.

The Europeans in Ireland!

If you happen to be in Ireland take a trip up to Fort Dunree in Donegal and see my latest exhibition!

The opening evening was a great success! Thanks to everyone who came out and for those who are still planning on making the trip up.

Setting or Rising?

If you just have a glance it can be hard to tell.

Sweden, 2012

Fortunately for us we can still choose whether we are rising or setting. I hope we choose wisely.

The Road We Are Taking Should Be Less Taken

Just where is the road of development taking us? Should we stop and ask for direction or keep barreling forward recklessly?

Rural Bridge, Hungary 2009.

For a species obsessed with history we don’t seem to learn much from it.

A young boy looks up from sorting fish in a local market.

Our History In Our Herbs

We became who we are as a society because of farming.

A Masai farmer tends his crops which are used to make anti-malaria medication.

But as we continue to urbanize will we lose this important link to who we are and where we come from?

Forest conservation. Germany 2006.

Feel The Power

Going to a Pentecostal church service is as much an aural experience as it is a visual one. So here’s a short multimedia piece I created to give you a sense of the sights and the sounds of these places.

Speaking In Tongues from Damaso Reyes on Vimeo.

Together, Alone

It always amazes me to observe the interplay between the solitary act of prayer and the communal acts of worship that often occur in different churches.

Kiev, Ukraine


Kiev, Ukraine

The Long Arc

At what point does tradition lose its meaning and become repetition?

Good Friday, Barcelona

How deeply is deep enough?

Church service, Barcelona.

The Next Generation

Children are the true lifeblood of any faith.

Sabbath, Hameln, Germany

So I always keep my eyes open for them.

The Cardinal of Berlin greets his flock.