January 2019
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Listen Up!

I’m excited to announce that an audio artwork I’ve created has been featured on Earlid! It’s an online gallery of evolving exhibits of sound art. I’m one of ten artists selected for their second Liminal Sounds exhibition and I hope you’ll take a listen.

Growing up I always listened to the radio as I fell asleep. [...]

Refugees Welcome?

It’s strange when something you’ve been paying attention to for a long time suddenly becomes interesting to those around you.

But Europe’s ongoing refugee crisis has become large enough that even though who don’t want to are paying attention. I wrote about the closing of Europe’s open door recently for the World Policy Blog and talked [...]

The City of Light

Paris is a place I’ve spent some time but not nearly enough. It’s hard to see a place that you are familiar with suffer. From my own experience in New York during September 11th it seems clear that both war and terrorism impacts the innocent the most.

Hearing Black Lives

If missed my three part series about the experiences of people of African descent in Germany and Poland you can now listen to all three [...]

Poland For Poles

Tonight the third and final radio documentary piece, this time focusing on the lives and experiences of people of African descent in Poland airs at 7:05pm Eastern time on ksfr.org.

“The system didn’t support racism officially but the wave… after the fall of this system… people felt free… there are this group of people that [...]

East Is East

Part two of my three part radio documentary series airs on KSFR.org at 7:05pm Eastern Time on Here and There with Dave Marash. Today we’ll hear the stories of people of African descent who grew up under Communist Rule in East Germany. Unlike in West Germany, where the influence of American soldiers was widely felt, [...]

The Lives of Black Folks

You might have noticed a decrease in posts over the past few months. That’s because this summer I spent several weeks working on a series of radio documentaries about the history and experiences of people in color in Germany and Poland thanks to a Holbrooke Fellowship from the International Center for Journalists.

Today the first of [...]

New Euro Order

The events of the past few days may or may not be remembered as a turning point. The truth is no one knows how things will turn out. What we do know is that the Greek people have voted for a fairer settlement and that the ball is now in the court of Europe’s leaders.

“Those [...]

Done and Dusted

A strange thing to come across near a city center.

But you’ll find the strangest things if you just take a long walk.

Galway, Ireland.

The Dividing Line

I’ve spent a lot of time in Europe in many different places. But it surprised me that I didn’t feel more at home in one of the few English speaking nations I’ve been to.

Odds and Ends

Traveling to Ireland last month reminded me not to place to many expectations on the places that I visit.

I always have to fight to leave myself open to what chance has to offer.

Death By Camera

I was in Dublin entering the Gallery of Photography when this gentleman asked if I was a photographer. When I answered in the affirmative he asked if I could take his picture.

Performance. Artist?

I didn’t, and still don’t know, exactly why David Drennan wanted me to take his photograph with this book, posed in the [...]

Free and Equal

Ireland became the first nation to approve marriage equality in a popular vote.

But as much as a victory as the vote was, Ireland is still fighting to ensure that all of its citizens can have full control over their lives.

The fight continues…

The Streets Are Our Canvas

There is some great street art in Ireland.

And I enjoyed a lot of it!

Small Town, Big World

I spent a lot of time in Buncrana which is a very small town.

Betting parlor. Buncrana, Ireland.

Which meant I had to switch gears and slow things down.

Which is not a bad thing.