December 2018
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And, as always… El Comandante

Swinging for the Fences

Cuba is one of the few countries as excited about baseball as America.

Primary Colors

Cuba had some of the richest colors I’ve ever seen.

A New Vision

Cuba doesn’t have billboards selling soft drinks or cars but they do have some very interesting murals.

Havana Days

A visit by an American President for the first time in nearly a century is a good reason for me to think back to my time in Cuba.

So this week I’ll be posting images from the island. And why not have a read too while you’re at it?

What Remains

How many waterways do we have left to spoil?

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what we’re looking at until we can’t see it anymore.

Cuba, 2010.

A Long Time Coming

It would seem as though a spring thaw is in the air even though it’s winter.

I hope in the next few years many more of my fellow Americans have a chance to visit Cuba as I have.

Signal and Noise

Stockholm, July 2013

Three Portraits

Three views of Arturo O’Farrill

Cuba 2010

This Week in Music

I’ve always thought I should be a musician, after all it seems like every time a stranger sees my hair and generally laid back appearance they assume I am one. Alas I have no talent in that direction but I do have a deep love of music and am always listening to it. So this [...]

Forever and a Day

And what comes next?

The Ones

"We work for the children because they are the ones who know how to Love" Jose Marti

The Sentinel

Theater of the Absurd

Dolphins. Havana 2011

That Feeling

Cloud. Havana 2011

Is as intangible as a cloud on a moonlit night in Havana. Being there is so important it’s hard for me to believe that anyone gets anything out of my images. That’s why I became a photographer: I wanted to be there.