January 2019
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Our History In Our Herbs

We became who we are as a society because of farming.

A Masai farmer tends his crops which are used to make anti-malaria medication.

But as we continue to urbanize will we lose this important link to who we are and where we come from?

Forest conservation. Germany 2006.

The Nurture of Nature

As a documentarian I spend a great deal of time photographing people. But humanity exists withing a much larger context. This week I’ll share some of my images of the natural world and us within it.

Farmers tend to flowers as part of a UNDP funded development project.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Rwanda also helped open my eyes to the fact that few places, no matter how notorious, are anything like what you’ve read and heard about them. You need to go and to live in a place to really understand it. I found some of the most lovely people I’ve ever met in a place known primarily for [...]

Why I Am Donating My Kidney On Tuesday

Next week if all goes well I’ll be donating my kidney to my best friend, author and activist Jimmie Briggs. If you knew him as I do you’d want to give him your kidney too, he’s that kinda of guy.

Jimmie Briggs with the children of a close friend in Rwanda

It’s not a decision I’ve [...]

Our Mothers and Sisters

Women were among the most impacted as a group by the genocide. Rape and sexual assault, not just murder, was used as a tactic during those one hundred days. Photographing the brave survivors of those attacks was a challenge for a young man from another country.

A counselor comforts an HIV infected rape survivor of [...]

Forgiving is Not Forgetting

Because Rwanda is so small and because nearly everyone was, or is closely related to, a victim or perpetrator, reconciliation has been an important part of the healing process. I returned to Rwanda in 2004 for the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the genocide. There would be an elaborate ceremony of course but the [...]

Looking Back

The Rwandan National Ballet prepares for the memorial ceremony in 2004.

It’s been ten years since I’ve been to Rwanda and I find myself returning there often in my mind. Jimmie and I spent over three weeks traveling the country, speak with dozens of people and trying to understand how the people of this nation [...]

Separated By Time and Space

I first met Francois Minani in 1999 during my first visit to Rwanda. We journeyed to a remote rural hillside to find a young man nearly exactly my age. We sat in his front yard with his family looking on as he told us his story.

Francois shows his release papers from prison in 1999.

Remembering Rwanda

Twenty years ago one of the largest and fastest genocides in modern history began in Rwanda. This week the world is remembering what happened and so am I. I’ll be sharing images, recollections and articles from my two trips to Rwanda.

I was a high school when the genocide happened but five years later I found [...]

Voices From the Future

Past is all too often Prologue.

The skulls of victims of Rwanda's genocide.

The Island of the Mind

Standing in the doorway of ourselves.

A man stands in the door of no return on Gorée Island in Senegal where slaves left Africa bound for the Americas.

The Colors of Darkness

In the darkness…

The National Ballet of Rwanda reherses for a performance in 2004

There is always light…

Doors and Windows

Seeing in and seeing through.

A man stands in the door of no return on Gorée Island in Senegal where slaves left Africa bound for the Americas.

Like many other photographers I love the way doors and windows add an internal frame to the photograph.

Marine Corps traning camp Parris Island.

The Persistence of Memory

Re-education camp. Rwanda 1999

I can’t look back at the archives without looking at the work I did in Rwanda. I was twenty years old when I got my first international assignment thanks to my best friend Jimmie Briggs. More than ten years ago I went to Rwanda and came back a changed man, one [...]

The Original Man

Rwanda, 1999

Ten thousand generations ago a man stood on the tallest hill he could find and looked out at the horizon.

He looked out over the savanna and saw the land that he had know all his life. He saw the land that his father and his father before that and his father before that [...]