January 2015
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The Creative Class

Far too many people believe that being creative is something you’re simply born with, or at least learn at an early age. There are lots of adults walking around with slumped shoulders believing that they must be content with a life that consists primarily of drudgery.

Havana 2011

It makes sense that our society would have us believe this. After all, if everyone were having fun who would do the boring, but necessary jobs that we all depend on?

While not everyone is meant to be a creator I believe that far more of us can tap into the bubbling cauldron of creativity that exists just below the surface. The essence of being a creative person is the willingness to challenge our agreed upon reality. The first step in imagining something that has never existed is understanding that the lives we lead are not set in stone.

Things can be different. Often times they should be different. The next step in becoming a creative person is believing that you have the ability, and perhaps even the obligation, to be the one who realizes this change in the world.

Kiev 2012

The truth is that creativity consists of far fewer Eureka! moments than it does a bunch of hmmmmmm moments strung together. The best ideas rarely appear out of whole cloth but are slowly whittled away from a mass of nonsense.

Berlin 2006

To be creative you have to be willing to whittle. You have to be willing to be nonsensical. You have to be willing to try and most importantly you have to be willing to fail.

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