November 2014
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Tied Up In Knots

Constraints are important to artists. As much as we talk about freedom being key to creativity too much of it can leave one equally paralyzed. So when i decided to photograph The Europeans in black and white, using Kodak Tri-X film I knew it would free me as much as it bound me up.

On the [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all my friends in the States are enjoying this day with their friends and families…

Lines and Lines

For a long time I really liked the Black and white version of this image better.

I wonder if I still do?

Who Wore It Better?

Photographed moments apart in two different ways.

Mayor Job Cohen of Amsterdam in 2005

So close and yet so far apart..

A great example of how a few seconds can make a big difference in terms of the image captured.

Color and Black and White

Over the past decade I’ve often shot color (digitally) and black and white (film) side by side, creating similar images. So I thought it might be interesting to share some similar images shot in these two media.

What do you think about these two?

Of course because they aren’t shot at the same time these images are [...]

The Sharp End

What we do to ourselves we do to others…

Once Again With Feeling

Catalonia got to vote, after a fashion.

It’s still unclear what, if anything changed. But I doubt that this is the final word.

Time and Again

It’s interesting to me what you remember and what you forget about a place when you spend long enough away from it.

Back in BCN!

After an eventful few months I’m back in Barcelona!

And I’d say that’s cause for celebration, wouldn’t you?


It is once again #TransplantTuesday and as a special treat here is an interview that aired on KSFR with myself and the great Dave Marash on his show Here and There about being a living kidney donor. You can also check out a previous chat I had with him here.

I’m also participating in [...]