August 2014
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Why I Am Donating My Kidney On Tuesday

Next week if all goes well I’ll be donating my kidney¬†to my best friend, author and activist Jimmie Briggs. If you knew him as I do you’d want to give him your kidney too, he’s that kinda of guy.

Jimmie Briggs with the children of a close friend in Rwanda

It’s not a decision I’ve come to lightly but when I found out three years ago that Jimmie and I were the same blood type I knew I had to get tested. He had advanced kidney disease and needed dialysis three times a week to stay alive.

A friend who had given me so much personal and done so much for so many others was in need. How could I stand by and simply watch?

To be human is to be in constant need. Sadly we spend so much of our lives denying this simple fact, denying the idea that not only do we from time to time need each other’s support but that on a fundamental level it is our very interconnectedness, our inescapable and fundamental need for one another than defines us. Our pride, vanity and ego get in the way of allowing us to be vulnerable, in fact to be truly who we are.

So I stand here asking for your help.

While insurance is covering most of the operation costs Jimmie will still need to pay for several months worth of anti-rejection drugs until his prescription coverage kicks in at the end of the year. Without these medications my kidney will be rejected by his body. Additionally, we hope to raise enough to cover some of the travel and housing costs I’ve incurred over the years which aren’t covered by insurance.

We have started a fundraising campaign to defray some of these costs:

Jimmie walks with a woman who had been raped and infected with HIV during the Rwandan genocide.

Thanks in advance for all of your help and support.

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