July 2014
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Interrogation Room

Asking questions and making assumptions…

Brooklyn, July 2014

Look Up and Live

Sometimes the most interesting part of the room is the part you take for granted.

Brooklyn, July 2014

Dead Letter Office

Coney Island has changed a great deal since my childhood. But while us abhor change for a new generation these new spaces will be the ones they cherish

Coney Island, July 2014

Viewpoints To Waypoints

Public art has many manifestations and interpretations…

Art installation, Brooklyn

Made By Hand

Going against the grain is my obsession…

Woodworker, Zurich

Is it yours too?

Stahl Wood and Metalworking Factory, Zurich

The Long Haul

Switzerland was what I expected and the unexpected…

Moving forward, Uster, Switzerland

Which is what I find life like in general.

Stahl Wood and Metalworking Factory, Zurich

Home Is Where The Heart Is

There’s no where quite like New York in summer…

Parachute Drop, Brooklyn

You come across such interesting things…

Brooklyn Museum

Gone But Not Forgotten

This space has been empty for a while not because I’ve had nothing to post but mostly because I’ve been too busy to post. Well that’s going to change starting now.

Stahl Metal and Wood Factory, Zurich

Over the past few months I’ve been all over the place and I’ll be posting images in no particular [...]