March 2014
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Shot on Film V

I strongly believe there is a rich future in film photography. While it’s not for everyone I encourage you to try it if you’re new to photography.

Berlin 2007. Kodak Tri-x film.

Each roll is like a new adventure, have your brought your ticket yet? With film you won’t get there instantly but perhaps you’ll have [...]

Shot on Film IV: A New Hope

Process is an important part of photography: how you work influences what you produce.

Brooklyn 2009. Kodak Ektar film.

I find myself taking more time when I shoot film and spending more time being in the moment. I also tend to shoot far few frames when I shoot film and take more time composing each shot. [...]

Shot on Film III

One of the best parts of shooting on film are the surprises you find on a roll months later…

Vienna 2009. Kodak Tri-x film.

The camera never stops surprising me… sometimes it’s like someone else took control of the camera.

The Bronx 2009. Kodak Ektar film.

And of course Kodak is the film sponsor of The Europeans.

Shot on Film II

As a photographer I began by shooting on films like Tri-x and Ektar in the early 1990’s and I haven’t stopped since.

New York City 2009. Kodak Portra 400 flilm.

Black and white or color, it doesn’t matter… I go both ways…

Amsterdam 2007. Kodak Tri-x film.

And of course Kodak is the film sponsor of The Europeans.

Shot on Film

As you know I’m a big fan of film. Yes, I shoot digitally but for the past nine years I’ve been working on The Europeans, a long term project shot on black and white film.

Germany 2007. Kodak Tri-x Film.

There are lots of reasons why I shoot film. One is workflow: I like the fact [...]