December 2013
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Where there is fire…

There is smoke, or more accurately, steam.

Casting ferrosilicon in Norway.

And lots of it.

Steam from the casting process.

Working Girl

This woman is the third generation of her family to work at Bjølvefossen.

The plant offers steady work and high wages and is the only major employer in town.

Into the Fire

Making all that ferrosilicon means a lot of fire!

Heating a mixing vessel.

It’s a good thing they have plenty of it at Bjølvefossen.

Tapping the furance.

Happy Holidays

I personally celebrate the Solstice but whatever holidays you enjoy have a good one!

Factory Life

So while in my small village in Norway I got to spend a few days at the Bjølvefossen factory which specializes in making ferrosilicon.

The plant was nearly shut down in the middle of the last decade when the company wanted to move production to Iceland but they soon discovered the smaller plant here in Norway [...]

Window Dressing

Just another day in Ålvik.

Norwegian Pinup Girl

You find the most interesting things wandering around a small town like Ålvik.

Hello Norway

What is the perfect antidote to spending two months in bustling Istanbul? How about a month in tiny Ålvik, which is exactly what I did last month. Over the coming days I’ll be sharing my images so you can get a taste of life in the fjords!

Pining for the fjords!

Linking France And Turkey Through Culture

“Today I think of myself as an international citizen,” Ekim Öztürk tells me as we sit under a tree drinking Turkish tea at the Institute Francias.

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Home Away From Home

“I always felt like a foreigner even if my mother was German,” Oğuz Yenen tells me over tea in Istanbul. He was born in Germany and became a successful director there but moved to Istanbul more than a decade ago.

Read about his story in the latest in a series of profiles of Europeans of Turkish [...]

Bridging Cultures and Continents

“I know that I wouldn’t have this kind of position in France,” he tells me. “But in Turkey it’s possible because the employers appreciate a candidate having dual cultures.”

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Living Like a Chameleon in Sweden

Before the attacks of September 11 James felt real progress was being made but “after 9/11 it felt like we are back on the first page. And if you’re not blonde or not European people just don’t like you just because of your name or where you come from. If you’re from a [...]