July 2013
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Thanks For Coming By!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the exhibition “The Evidence of Things Not Seen” at the HomeSession Gallery yesterday!

Fun was had by all!

Barcelona Exhibition This Thursday!

If you are in Barcelona I hope you will join Diane Sylvester and myself for an exhibition “The Evidence of Things Not Seen” at the HomeSession Gallery on Thursday July 25th at 7:30. The show will incorporate images from my work documenting the spread of Pentecostalism in Europe as well as a multimedia piece I [...]

Up Where We Belong

The sky is so blue here, as is the sea. It can be disorienting.

Stockholm, July 2013

When Pigs Fly

The streets are in Stockholm was more political than I imagined…

Stockholm, July 2013

For Art’s Sake

The diversity of art in the Stockholm metro is impressive.

Stockholm Metro Station

Truth in Advertising

Sweden prides itself for being a tolerant and inclusive nation.

Stockholm, July 2013

An Unforeseen Path

Born in Iran, Hanif Bali was sent to Sweden while still a toddler by his parents. He grew up in a series of foster homes but while still in his twenties was elected to the Swedish Parliament.

Stockholm, July 2013

The Life

Mikail takes a break outside of his family’s restaurant in Stockholm.

and then back to work…

Vida Pura

Mikail takes the kind of pride in his work of someone who has a deep connection to the restaurant business.

“This life is too safe,” he says speaking of life in Sweden. He contemplates moving to Turkey.

Waiting in the Wings

Mikail was born in Sweden to Turkish parents. He now works in the family restaurant in [...]

Signal and Noise

Stockholm, July 2013


They have some street art here in Stockholm.

Stockholm, July 2013

Why Are There So Many 7-11’s in Stockholm?

The Great Big Sky Above

Stockholm, June 2013

The Power Principal

Stockholm, June 2013