February 2013
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A few views

They really like their neon in Torino…

Showtime in Wien!

If you are in Vienna on Thursday please stop by the opening of my exhibition “The Ties That Bind” at Amerika Haus.

This exhibition is made up of images from my ongoing project The Europeans and contains images from Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.

Times the signs of

Another street in Torino…

Viva Torino!

As you read this I’m already on my way to Austria! But I think I’ll show you where I was last week so for the next few days enjoy Torino and their amazing neon signs!

And some more!

Confronting Your Failures

Working in film and scanning your work in large batches (or making test prints in the darkroom in the old days) is a humbling experience. You are slowly confronted by your failures as each image is revealed. When editing digitally you tend to move through the drek more quickly, with film it’s a slower process.

New Old Stock

New Old Stock is a term retailers use to describe merchandise that is brand new but perhaps last season’s model.  This week I’m working on some new old stock of my own, scanning film from the past two years.

Pentecostal revival, Kiev, Ukraine 2012

Why wait so long you might ask. Well the simple answer is [...]