November 2012
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The Current State of Affairs

Not asking but demanding.

Kosovars demonstrate for independence.

Two Exhibitions in NYC on Display

Several of my images are featured in ETHNOSCAPES at 461 West 126th street in New York and will be on view only until December 2nd, 2012. ETHNOSCAPES is an International group show investigating issues of (social) de-territorialization, migration, and hybrid identities. While I won’t be able to attend I hope that you [...]

The Mouths of Babes

Amongst the plebs.

Election day approaches in London. 2005.

The Loyal Opposition

Making the sausage.

Members of the opposition sit in the Baden-Wurtemburg parliament.

Camera Time

Behind the curtain…

Amsterdam's Mayor Job Cohen prepares for a television appearance

Election Day

Yesterday was election day here in Catalonia so this week’s blog theme will be politics!

Model Mayhem

All along the watchtower…

Store window, Barcelona.

Foundation and Empire

Behind closed doors…

Barcelona stock exchange during the November general strike.

And the Deep Blue Sea

Banks have come under particular attack here in Spain.

General strike, Barcelona November 2012

Cut and Paste

While demonstrations give people a chance to voice their opinions I often find myself wondering if they ever create the changes people expect…

Stickers. General strike, Barcelona 2012


Last Wednesday saw a general strike here in Spain and several other southern European nations. I haven’t spent a lot of timely lately photographing the various demonstrations that have been going on but I decided to make an exception and this week I will be sharing some images…

Voices From the Future

Past is all too often Prologue.

The skulls of victims of Rwanda's genocide.

The Island of the Mind

Standing in the doorway of ourselves.

A man stands in the door of no return on Gorée Island in Senegal where slaves left Africa bound for the Americas.

The Wallpaper of our minds

Running through history

Holocaust Memorial, Berlin

History is the best teacher

This week’s theme is memory…

Remembering and learning