October 2012
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Park Views

I love New York’s green spaces.

Central Park at Dusk

A Fire in Brooklyn

Since New York is on my mind this week I’ll share some of my favorite images from my hometown.

A Love Eternal

I hope everyone I know and love in NYC is staying safe…

I love NY…

Only A Mother Could Love

Someone is happy to see me…

Dog, Brooklyn 2010

Swimming Upstream

Fire and ice in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Botanic Garden in winter

Circus Performer

Always expect the unexpected.

Llama, France 2009

Boy with Duck

This week’s theme is wildlife, or at least as wild as I come across…

Labor Demonstration. Barcelona 2010

A New Blog for Artists Grants, Fellowships and Residencies

I’ve started a new blog to share all the great grants, fellowships and residencies I come across during my research at www.fellowshiplist.blogspot.com

It will be updated regularly so make sure to check back often for new listings!

The Hand of Man

Even in rural Andorra the signs of man could be found.

Construction cranes, Andorra.

Some manifestations were more interesting than others.

Public sculpture, Andorra.

A Visit to the Principality of the Valleys of Andorra

I recently spent a few days in Andorra and took a few images while I was there.

Road sign, Andorra.

As you can tell it was rural and lovely.

Came Tumbling Down

You don’t build high human towers without some falls…


It often looks worse than it is.

Strength in Diversity

Though building castells are an old Catalan tradition the castellers themselves are an increasingly diverse group.

Support system

There are people from all walks of life and all backgrounds.

A Rainbow of Colors

Each team wears a distinctively colored shirt creating a rainbow effect during competition.

Though it is a contest you will often see members of other teams helping one another.

After seeing only one tower at a time watch groups build towers simultaneously was pretty impressive…

Flying the Flag

The Concurs de Castells was also a festival of Catalan pride and many people used the two day event to show their support for Catalan independence.

Wearing a Catalan independence flag

There were flags everywhere you looked…

Castell in the Sky

As you know I love me some castellers. They are quite simply amazing and last weekend I got to go to the bi-annual Concurs de Castells a huge gathering of castellers from all over Catalonia.

Thousands of castellers came to Tarrgona to compete and see who could build the highest and most complex towers.

This week I [...]