September 2012
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Three Portraits

Three views of Arturo O’Farrill

Cuba 2010

Portrait in Seven Shades

Combining art and music

A member of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra

To the Beat of the Drummer

This one goes out to Conan who loves drum & Bass…

Drummer, New York City 2010

Spinning Round and Round

Dr. Israel is an old friend and great musician just listen for yourself!

Dr. Israel performs in New York City.

This Week in Music

I’ve always thought I should be a musician, after all it seems like every time a stranger sees my hair and generally laid back appearance they assume I am one. Alas I have no talent in that direction but I do have a deep love of music and am always listening to it. So this [...]

The Colors of Darkness

In the darkness…

The National Ballet of Rwanda reherses for a performance in 2004

There is always light…

Loud and Proud

The late great Brian Haw

A British anti-war protestor takes a stand. London 2005

He had a lot to say…

Two Views of Tradition

Context is king…

Tradtional songs in Brittany, France 2008

where I live…

Seperated By Time

Two Moments

Bundestag, Berlin 2006

and brought together

Seperated at Birth

As you know for The Europeans I have been shooting black and white film. But often I am shooting digital images as well so I can post them on my blog or sell to newspapers or magazines. This week I will feature color and black and white images that were taken nearly at the same [...]

The In Between Spaces

Hinter and Yon…

Circus, England 2005

and everywhere in between…

Dignitary. Dakar, Senegal

The Party Scene in New York Circa 2004

I like to Party all the time…

Bergdorf-Goodman's, New York 2004

Party all the time…

Bergdorf-Goodman's, New York 2004

Just Another Day

It was supposed to be just another day…

A statue in Chinatown stands unmoved as smoke from the fallen World Trade Center Towers billows in the background

And then it wasn’t…

A man literally wraps himself in the flag to show his patriotism after the World Trade Center attack.

And then it was again…

Groundbreaking [...]

Looking and Not Finding

I’m not the best organized person in the world and sometimes I find myself looking for one particular image for far too long. But along the way I find images that I had forgotten about so this week I will share some with you.

Brooklyn, 2008

Reflections of Desire

I think we can all agree it is time for a drink!