August 2012
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The Conversation

British anti-war protestor Brian Haw talks to a passer by.

Life should be a decades long conversation.

Leo Stegman of Okland, CA who says he is "here to support the people of New Orleans" protests in front of a Federal Courthouse were FEMA was holding a hearing. New Orleans 2006.

Up Close

Sometimes being close is only that.

Marine Corps Training Camp Parris Island.

And sometimes it’s more than being close.

The Late anti-war activist Brian Haw. London 2005.

Doors and Windows

Seeing in and seeing through.

A man stands in the door of no return on Gorée Island in Senegal where slaves left Africa bound for the Americas.

Like many other photographers I love the way doors and windows add an internal frame to the photograph.

Marine Corps traning camp Parris Island.

The B Sides

When I first thought of this blog is was less about providing a running commentary of what I happened to be photographing at the moment than show off images from my archive that you might not be familiar with. In that spirit this week is all about those images…

Bus Drive, Cuba 2010

As a photographer [...]

The End of the Evening

So much fun, so much joy but…

Correfoc, Gracia 2012

All good things must come to an end…

A carnival worker disassembles a ride.

Dying Embers

You can’t believe how hot it gets in here…

Correfoc, Gracia, Barcelona

The Fire that Time

We’ve talked about the Correfoc before but these Catalans just can’t seem to get enough. Anytime there is a festival the guys with the fire seem to be there.

The fire this time. Correfoc in Gracia, Barcelona 2012

No matter how many times I photograph this it still seems amazing…

Fire breathing beetle

Trees of Light

Street festival in Gracia, Barcelona

Two Views of Kiev

From my bedroom window

Rainy day, Kiev 2012.

And not my bedroom window

Monumnet. Kiev 2012.

Signs of the Times

Subway tunnel, Kiev 2012.

The Movement of the Spirit

Will be televised.

Church service, Kiev 2012.

The Power and the Glory

Church service, Kiev 2012.

The Touch and The Feel

In Pentecostal churches praise can be ecstatic but it can also be contemplative.

One moment. Kiev 2012.

and then…

The healing touch. Kiev 2012.

Back in Barcelona

Well folks I’m back and I’ve been pretty busy. Moving to a new apartment and various odds and ends explains my absence from posting here. But what about the rest of my time in Kiev you ask? Well I shall continue to post images from my adventures!

Casting out the demons. Kiev 2012

Overall it was [...]