July 2012
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Word on the Street

If you haven’t had a chance to see my current exhibition, The Europeans: A Work in Progress there’s still time. I know many of you live too far away to visit the show so here are two write ups about the show and my work that appeared in La Vanguardia and TimeOut Barcelona. If you [...]

The Color of Love

Revival, Kiev July 2012

On the Pitch

A summer’s game in Kiev.

Kiev, July 2012

The Nature of the Game

We all have to wrestle with our demons from time to time.

Kiev, July 2012

A Moment of Exultation

Feeling the spirit

Revival. Kiev, July 2012

The Spectacle

The sights and sounds of Kiev

Revival. Kiev, July 2012

Point and Click

Separating the message from the medium is impossible.

Kiev, July 2012

The Eastern Spirit

After about a week in Ukraine I’ve visited three different Pentecostal churches of varying sizes. It’s interesting to me how this religion adapts itself to varying cultures…

Kiev, July 2012

Back in the USSR

Sometimes you walk around Kiev and you forget that just twenty-five years ago this was part of the Soviet Union. Then other times you remember…

Art event, Kiev 2012

Independence Day

Yesterday was America’s Independence Day so here’s a photo of a little girl holding a flag.

What people forget is that the Revolutionary War lasted more than seven years. Just because you declare something (e.g. I am a photographer) doesn’t mean that the world will recognize it any more than King George recognized those rebellious colonists. [...]

Hello Kiev

Greetings from the east, or as far east as I have traveled for The Europeans! I will be here for the next three weeks exploring the spread of Pentecostalism in the Ukraine and getting to know yet another new city and culture.

When I was a young photographer I dreamed of being able to say that [...]