June 2012
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Come One Come All

If you couldn’t come to last week’s opening there is still plenty of time to catch my current exhibition at Alex Telese Gallery in Barcelona!

The Europeans featured in Metropolitan Magazine

Bang and Boom

The Stars are out…

Come quickly…

Falling all around…

The Lively Art

Just another Saturday night in Barcelona.

Correfoc Barcelona 2012

Isn’t it lovely?

En Fuego!

People always ask meĀ  why I chose to live in Barcelona. There are many reasons from the great weather to the amazing food but the culture is also high on my list. This weekend I got to witness another Correfoc or “fire run” and it was amazing…

If I had know about this as a child [...]

And Fun Was Had By All!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the opening of The Europeans: A Work in Progress last Thursday!

Opening night at the Alex Telese Gallery

Lots of friends new and old stopped by and lots of strangers as well!

Unlike at a lot of other exhibition openings visitors seemed to be truly engaged with the work and [...]

Tonight is the Night

I sure hope you can come to the opening of my solo show here in Barcelona tonight. But if you can’t, here is another preview!

A pensioner participates in a demonstration in Barcelona

The Europeans: A Work In Progress Exhibition Opening Tonight!

I hope you can join me tonight at the Alex Telese Gallery for the opening of my first solo show in Spain!

Two Moments in Berlin

A few more photos from tomorrow’s opening here in Barcelona!

Berlin, 2007

Two sides of the same coin.

Berlin, 2006

Vive la France

Here is another sneak peek at the images in my upcoming show…

A skateboarder rides past a monument to France's WWII dead in Paris

Ah to be back in Paris…

Mourners leave notes near the spot where Princess Diana died in Paris

Special Preview

I know that most of you won’t be able to attend the opening of my solo show here in Barcelona this Thursday so this week I will be giving you a preview of some of the work in the exhibition.

Summer in Amsterdam

When you’ve been working on a project for seven years it is hard [...]

And Why Not?

“Some men see things as they are and say why – I dream things that never were and say why not.”
– George Bernard Shaw

Why do some people look up at the moon and see something distant and unattainable and other see a future vacation home? Recently I had a few conversations with people who [...]

Soul Rebel

Well my time here in London is coming to a close and I’m heading back home, which is Barcelona these days.

Pentecost 2012, London

But what is home? Is it where you’re from? Where you keep most of your things? Where your family lives? For the past decade home has been more of a concept than [...]

Why I Still Use Film

People are endlessly fascinated by process. How did you do that? What lens did you use? What camera did you use? I hear these questions a lot. One I hear quite often is “Is that a film camera?”

The answer is yes.

Germany 2007. Kodak Tri-X 400

So why do I still use film? It’s a good [...]