May 2012
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Now More Than Ever

I’ve been to church more in the past few weeks than I have in a long, long time.

London, May 2012

It’s fascinating to be around so many people of faith.  Not only do they believe they really want the world to share what they have discovered. When you see the devout overcome by the expression [...]

The Sound of Praises

The sweetest music.

Sunday. London, May 2012

In Search Of

Seeking the sacred space.

Calling out. London, May 2012

We all are looking for something beyond ourselves…

The Europeans A Work in Progress Barcelona Exhibition

I hope you can join me at the opening of my first solo exhibition in Barcelona on June 21st at 19:00 at Galería Alex [...]

The Spirit Lives

A world of wonder

Pentecost 2012 in London

Feeling the spirit.

Lifting her voice

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Celebrating Pentecost 2012

There are so many ways to express faith…

Kneeling in prayer

Giving it Away

I recently got an email form an amateur photographer celebrating the fact that a photograph he took of a famous writer was published on a trade magazine’s website. On congratulated him and asked, already suspecting what the answer would be, how much they paid. His answer was that they published his photograph in return for [...]

In the Meantime

What have I been up to here in London you wonder? Good question!

A young child is overcome at a Pentecostal celebration. London, May 2012.

Well I have been spending a lot of time at church! Last week I attended Pentecost 2012, a large celebration here in London. I’ve also been spending time at  Shekhinah [...]

The Perfect Man

Street scene, London 2012

Along the Thames

Most Foul

A London landscape.

Brixton, London 2012

Are We There Yet?

Everyone seems to be looking for a shortcut. Is there a single place where I can find every grant I want to apply for? Are there five things that I can do to become a successful photographer in the next six months? Is there a way to get food in my belly without all the [...]

Mirror of Our Lives

Brixton, London 2012

The Europeans Featured on the New York Times

What  nice image to wake up to!

Yesterday images from my project, The Europeans, were featured on the New York Times Lens Blog. Needless to say I’m pretty excited that my work is reaching a larger audience. I’ve been working on this project for the past seven years and there have been many times where I [...]

Return Engagement

After a seven year absence I am back in London. When I began The Europeans my hope was not simply to capture Europe as it is but also as it changes over time. This week I returned to Parliament Square where I first met anti-war activist Brian Haw.

Brian Haw. London 2005

Sadly last year Brian [...]

London Calling

Yes ladies an gentlemen I am here in the Queen’s land for the next month working on The Europeans!

Stay tuned for images…

Heathrow Airport. May 2012