March 2012
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There’s a general strike in Spain today, I hope you’re enjoying it…

Demonstration, Barcelona 2009

A Busy Bee

After a long delay I’m finally getting around to revamping! So I will be off the grid for a while a slave to my computer while I make everything nice a tidy…

Cologne, Germany 2007

Touching History

Remembrances of things past. Barcelona 2012

The Day I Became a Photojournalist

March 23rd, 1995 is a day I’ll always remember. I was a junior in high school who enjoyed photography but wasn’t totally committed to it. Probably a week before I heard there was going to be a big demonstration around cuts to education in New York and I thought it would be a great opportunity [...]

Woman in the Mirror

Looking twice at the once.

Three in One

A church that became a mosque and then a museum. Sounds about right…

City of Cats

I can’t say I’ve ever been in a city with so many feral, and apparently well fed and friendly, cats as there are in Istanbul.


From Way Back

It’s an old trope but as an American it’s hard to go to a City like Istanbul and not be impressed by how old everything is. Our host Erol told us how every time the city starts on a new public works program, like say a new subway line, they come across some ruins. Sometimes [...]

The City of Seven Hills

So did everyone but me know how hilly Istanbul is? Were you just not telling me? Of all the preconceptions I had of this town it never once occurred to me how hilly it is, and should be, after all it straddles two continents. As a New Yorker I insist on walking everywhere so invariably [...]

Istanbul Bound

And… I’m Off! To Istanbul for a bit to do some research and get to know the city a bit.

It will be my first time in Turkey so I’m very much looking forward to it. As the European Union expands the question of whether or not Turkey should join is the central question. It will [...]

The Gaze

Barcelona. March 2012.

Sark in the Dark

Barcelona. March 2012.

Damaso Awarded Knight-Luce Fellowship

There’s some good news this week: I’ve been awarded a Knight-Luce Fellowship in Global Reporting from USC Annenberg!

“Damaso Reyes will investigate the growth of European Pentecostalism led by immigrants from former European colonies. Reporting from Spain, England and Ukraine, Reyes will examine how Charismatic faiths are growing while traditional European Christian [...]

The Best Laid Plans

Dugout, Barcelona 2012

Baseball in Barcelona

Well it’s been months since I went to a baseball game but my long wait is now over. Baseball season has begun here in Spain…

Barcelona, February 2012