February 2012
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Festive Wear

Sometimes you just gotta dance…

Parade. Barcelona 2012

Walking the Line

And then there are a bunch of ladies walking down the street with gold platform shoes…

Parade, Barcelona 2012

Directly Indirect

Even after all these years it amazes me what you come across just walking down the street, sometimes the same street you always do…

Barcelona, February 2012

Shock and Awe

Pentecostal service. Barcelona 2012

Touch and Feel

Pentecostal service. Barcelona 2012

In the Moment

Guest pastor. Barcelona February 2012

Back To Church

When you get to set your own deadlines as a photographer you can revisit the same topic over and over again. Some might feel that’s repetitive but for me it’s an opportunity to dig deeper and find the nuance that I might have missed earlier.

You might remember that last year I spent time documenting a [...]

Not Even Close to Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

In the spirit of full disclosure, here are some more links that will help you understand both my photography and my current project, The Europeans.

All About Me…

Sometimes when you blog you assume once you’ve posted something everyone has seen it. Well of course that’s not true so I thought I’d post some links about me and my work…

And Then Wait Some More

You’ve heard it before but much of what we do as photographers involves waiting. Waiting for an assignment; waiting for the check to come in from that assignment. Waiting for an event to start or waiting for inspiration to strike. Right now I’m waiting to hear back about a fellowship, some exhibition opportunities, a grant [...]

The Meaning of Life

Is sometimes just a boy holding a duck…