January 2012
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Looking Forward

Sometimes we get so caught up in the moment we forget to look ahead. And sometimes we spend so much time looking forward we forget where we are in the moment.

The Young One

"I don't believe that." Barcelona January 2012

This Time Next Year

This time last year I was up to my neck in snow in New York City, dreaming of being back in sunny Barcelona.

Snow bound and down. January 27th 2011. New York City.

A year later here I am…

And next year? I can honestly say I don’t know where I’ll be. And for me that’s the [...]


Reaching Out

Standing Tall

I don’t use the long lens much but when I do I like the results…

All the Angles

Gallery Opening, Barcelona 2012

Just a Moment

Gallery opening, Barcelona 2012

Higher Ground

One Step At A Time

Being a Casteller means working together to build something greater than yourself…

Return Engagement

One of the things I love about the way I work now is that almost all the deadlines I have are self imposed. What this means is that in reality I can keep coming back to a subject or an idea, growing in my understanding and hopefully documenting it better.

Castellers reach out in case [...]

Building on Success

Last week I got back to working on a project that I started just before I left Barcelona last year. During a local festival I came upon some Castellers. These guys build human towers and well, they are very cool.

They are made up of small local groups and the area that I’m living one has [...]

The Dream Goes On

Dreams happen quickly but realizing them takes much, much longer. Remember that as you continue down your own road. Remember how brave men and women throughout history have sought out the impossible and prevailed, most often after many failures….

If you haven’t listened to The Speech lately I highly recommend taking a moment to get yourself [...]

A fine Hat

Barcelona, January 2012

Dancing Machine

Dancer, Barcelona January 2012

The Helper

Parade, Barcelona January 2012