December 2011
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Tree of Life

No matter how many photographs I take I still marvel that I can still be surprised by what light does. I guess that’s why I still take pictures. I like being surprised.

Barcelona, December 2011

End of the Year

The end of the year is always a slow time. Hardly anyone emails, hardly anyone responds. I always think I’m going to use this week between Christmas and New Year’s to reflect and get some uninterrupted work done. But I rarely do.

Barcelona, December 2011

Charles in Charge

Of our days and our nights

Ray Charles. Barcelona December 2011


If you celebrate Christmas I hope you had a good one. If you don’t I hope you had a good day off!

Another Barcelona Sunset

Walking home from the marketplace…

Back in BCN

Time after time I talk to people, especially photographers who know what their dream is but find excuses for not pursing it. They ask me for solutions. I tell them I have none. Coming up with answers is easier than you think. Coming up with reasons not to follow your heart is even [...]

Looking Down

Sometimes we spend so much time looking forward and up we forget to look down…

Some People

Don’t like to be photographed

And others don’t mind at all.

A Very Happy Birthday

Another year cheating death! How do I do it you ask? Well some secrets I’ll never tell. But I will say I had a great birthday surrounded by the people I love. One of the highlights was an incredible cake made in the shape of a Leica M8 by Elizabeth Wolff. Here are some images [...]

The View From Brooklyn


Lust and Longing

Governor's Island

Remember those warm and sunny days?

Rebuild and Renew

World Trade Center, 2010

Polar opposites…

Central Park 2010

Looking Back at NYC

Street art, New York City

Since this is my last full week in NYC before I head off to BCN I thought I would share some of my favorite images…

The Handheld Mirror

New York, December 2011