November 2011
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Looking Up

Museum of Natural History, New York City

Jesus Man

I’m sure some of you must be thinking I’m obsessed with religion by now but I swear it’s not true. It just so happens I’ve been shooting a lot of images on this subject. Well last weekend Diane asked me to be the director of photography on a documentary short she’s been wanting to shoot [...]

Together Again

Going home. New York November 2011

Posing Beauty

Manhattan. November 2011


Anniversary Party, Manhattan.

I have to say that there is no place quite like home, especially when that home happens to be New york City. The contrasts this city provides are unlike anything I’ve ever encountered…

Within the Structure

Manhattan, November 2011

Forever and a Day

And what comes next?

The Ones

"We work for the children because they are the ones who know how to Love" Jose Marti

The Sentinel

Theater of the Absurd

Dolphins. Havana 2011

That Feeling

Cloud. Havana 2011

Is as intangible as a cloud on a moonlit night in Havana. Being there is so important it’s hard for me to believe that anyone gets anything out of my images. That’s why I became a photographer: I wanted to be there.

Music Man

We were walking home from old town and heard the sounds of clave and drumming. We investigated and found a moment.

Standing Around

Baseball Te Amo

Preseason practice, Havana

You already know how I feel about baseball, at least I hope you do. Going down to Cuba represented an opportunity to see the approach they take to their baseball. I can say they seem to have the most passionate fans and some of the nicest and most engaged players I’ve ever [...]

The Slow Guide to Photography

In the past I have shot more images in a few hours than I ended up shooting in a month in Cuba during this most recent trip. Why? Well for me this trip was more about learning about my surroundings and experiencing Cuba than shooting blindly. I don’t think I took a single frame the [...]