October 2011
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Life in Cuba is a Laugh Riot

More fun than you can believe!

The Lush Life

Sounds of Havana

Practice makes perfect in Havana

Cosmic Vibrations

On Stage…

Bourbon BBQ and Baseball Featured on the Leica Blog

Hello from Havana! Just wanted to share a link to a guest posting I did for the Leica blog of images from our recent road trip, enjoy!

Everything For The Revolution!

Taxi ride…

The Bus Driver


Remembrance of things past

All around us are visions of what was and what may be…

Let It Be

Pay Phone

We are ninety miles apart but very close in many ways…

Thorugh My Eyes

Through the looking glass

Havana Here I Come!

It seems like just yesterday we were traveling around America’s highways and byways but now I’m off to Cuba for the next month!

And….. were' off!

My internet access will be pretty limited so in the meantime I will shower you with highlights from my trip last year, enjoy and see you in November.

Africa in Harlem

Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade speaks at the New York Public Library's Schomburg Center in Harlem

After visiting Senegal last year I caught up with that country’s president at a forum hosted by the New York Public Library in Harlem. There were a few other luminaries there as well…

Civil Rights leader Jesse Jackson in Harlem.

Alls Well That Ends Well!

Well it is time for us to say goodbye, at least to this part of our adventure. We logged more than seven thousand miles, visited twelve distilleries and ate enough BBQ to give our doctors series pause. We also saw some great baseball and met some really interesting folks while we also caught up with [...]

The Kings of Brooklyn

Our trip had to end sometime, didn’t it? Well our last stops were in the county of Kings, which just happens to be my hometown. We visited two of the three distilleries located in Brooklyn, Kings County Distillery and Breuckelen Distilling.

It was a warm day in Brooklyn when we met with Kings County co-owner [...]

The Dynamic Duo of Catoctin Creek

During our five weeks on the road we never thought about the lack of kosher whiskey in the world. Scott and Becky Harris of Catoctin Creek did and their foresight brought us some of the best whiskey we’ve had.

Located in what could charitably be described as a business park, Catoctin Creek is a small, two [...]