August 2011
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NOLA Today, Tomorrow and Forever

Every time I come to New Orleans I love this city a little bit more than I did. We leave tomorrow for Atlanta and our next adventure but I thought I would share a few street shots that I took over the last few days…

It's ain't New Orleans without a parade…

And it ain't [...]

Road Trip Soundtrack #6

Another day, another cut from our soundtrack. This time our friend Carlos Santana is featured!

What you see is what you get

I don’t want you to think that all we are doing is working, if you can call eating BBQ, drinking bourbon and watching baseball work.

Out on the lake…

Leaving a message at Graceland

Dancing in the night

Tasting History

We took not one, but two trips to Heaven Hill during the first week of our road trip. As you recall we visited the distillery and spoke with master distiller Craig Beam. Two days later we visited the Heritage Center and got to chat with Craig’s dad Parker, the master distiller emeritus and an all [...]

Road Trip Soundtrack #5

Self portrait in yeast

We are down in New Orleans for the next few days so here’s another cut from our soundtrack!

Bringing the Pepper

So far you’ve seen images of the first two B’s of our road trip: bourbon and barbecue. Let’s get to that third b: baseball! Specifically minor league baseball.

Most Americans only ever see a major league game featuring teams like the Red Sox or Yankees. But every year thousands of young, and not so young, men [...]

Tasting Nashville

We spent a few days in Nashville visiting distilleries but we also had some great BBQ and managed to stumble upon the city’s oldest bar!

Hog Heaven isn’t much more than a shack but the food is great.  We had the ribs and the pulled pork sandwich both of which we enjoyed. They employ both a [...]

Road Trip Soundtrack #4

I’m driving down to New Orleans today and have to go through Mississippi to do it so I thought this song from the road trip soundtrack was appropriate.

Road Trip Sound Track 3

Another cut from Damaso’s road trip soundtrack!

In Search of the Snoot

Vegetarians look away!

We came to St. Louis not just to see old friends but in search of the Crispy Snoot. When I came in February I had this local delicacy for the first time and this week we returned to Smoki O’s to have some snoots! While we waited for our order we interviewed [...]

Sounds from the Road

You can’t have a revolution without a soundtrack and make no mistake we are leading a revolution here. For our road trip I put together a very long, very eclectic mix of songs and while we are out here I will occasionally post a video from one of the songs that we’ve been listening to.

Among the Buffalo

After our busy Wednesday we went to Frankfort, KY and Buffalo Trace and saw a much smaller, but no less exceptional, operation.

They use five different recipes to make their thirteen different bourbons which range from Eagle Rare to our old friend Pappy Van Winkle.

Aged whiskey waiting to be dumped

“We will never be done with [...]

Proof of Life

After our tour of the Heaven Hill facility we stayed in Louisville and went over to Proof on Main at the 21C Hotel for a bourbon tasting.

Oh the choices one must make!

The lovely and knowledgeable Jennifer Pittman led us on a tour of a few of the bar’s more than fifty bourbons. We tried [...]

Odds and Ends

You see a lot of strange stuff on the road. We’ve already put more than 2,000 miles on the odometer and we’ve come across some road signs and sights that have left us bemused and smiling…

Really? Seriously?

Trailer across the street from a truck stop McDonald's

Da Plane Boss, Da Plane!

Venti ne plus [...]

Heavens Gate

There are plenty of lovers of fine bourbon who would think the title of this post is very accurate. We had a chance to visit the still house of Heaven Hill and what an experience it was! Until we showed up I had no idea how many great brands come out of these huge stills [...]