July 2011
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The Holy Ghost

As many of you know from reading this blog I’ve spent a lot of time in the past few months at a Pentecostal Church in Barcelona. Well I’ve cooked up a little experiment from the audio, still images and yes video that I shot during my last weekend photographing that project. This is just an [...]

Fish nor Fowl

Bathroom Wall, Barcelona July 2011

You know I love mixed messages in my photographs but sometimes someone else does all the work for you…

Word on the Street

Harlem, July 2011

A clear and direct message.

Look Up and Live

Manhattan, July 2011

I love my summer walks in New York, yes I do…

Hot, Hazy and Humid

Manhattan, July 2011

When I was old enough to roam the streets alone I remember summer being a sticky and disconnected time. Each day was a new horizon of possibilities. I still feel that way…

Street Art

Brooklyn, July 2011

I don’t shoot a great deal in the neighborhood that I grew up in but this was too good to pass up. I guess I just find the rest of the world more interesting than the one I first knew…

Saturday Video

As some of you know I like to play with video. I’ve been recording things with my mobile phone. Here’s another experiment…

Over There

Memories of things past

I’ve always been the kind of person who seems to want to be somewhere other than were he is. When I was in Barcelona ten days ago I longed for New York. Now that I am back small secret parts of me want to be back in Europe. Wherever I am [...]

Hither and Yon

When I was a child we rarely spent any time on the waters which surround New York. After traveling around the world and spending so much time in coastal areas I have a newly developed appreciation for how dynamic New York’s waterways can be…

Return Engagement

Lady Liberty

It’s always interesting to me how familiar yet strange New York feels after being away for a few months. I’ve been enjoying the company of friends and family the past week, not really wanting to edit the last week of photos I shot while in Barcelona. But I’m pulling together some images don’t [...]

Back in Brooklyn

And it feels great!

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

So today is my last day in Barcelona, I’m off to Berlin for a day then back to NYC. I will write more about my thoughts regarding my time in BCN but in short it was great, productive and I will be back!

In Vino Artist

Performance Artist. Barcelona July 2011

Stage Presence

Concert. Barcelona July 2011

Three of a Kind