June 2011
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Preparation for a baptism

Lonely Girl

Street art, Barcelona June 2011

In Bloom

Park Guell, June 2011

Another 24 Hours

Last week I showed you the exciting variety that my life (sometimes) exists of. This past Saturday and Sunday were no less interesting as I photographed at two gay pride celebrations with a trip to my local Pentecostal church sandwiched in between. Interestingly enough the music at all events put a premium on freedom.

Dancing [...]

In Memorium

When you work on a project as long as I have you photograph many, many people. You never learn the names of most and the rest rarely register deeply. Brian Haw was one of the exceptions. He died recently and while his passing may have been ignored by many he had a deep and lasting [...]


Sunset, Barcelona June 2011

Damaso on Kodak TV

While I was in Rochester earlier this year I sat down with Kodak TV for an interview about my work. Here is the result!

First Among Equals

First level, human tower. Barcelona, June 2011

The Grip

There’s something very sensuous about these human towers…


Human tower. Barcelona 2011

Much of the strength of these impressive human towers, which can be as tall as nine levels, comes from the people at the base who pack themselves together to provide support for the upper layers.

24 Hours

One of the things I love of photojournalism is the variety. Within twenty-four hours this weekend I photographed at three very different events.

Building the tower. Barcelona June 2011

On Saturday there was a street fair around the corner from my house. As part of the celebration the local Castellers built human towers. I’d never seen [...]

Last Licks

Another week gone…

By Any Other Name

I also have a softer side if you can believe it…


Office, Barcelona 2009

I used to rarely shoot through windows, now I do it much more often…

B Sides

Dancing in Slovakia

Keeping with our theme on Friday of rarely seen work I direct you to some of the images I took in Slovakia…