May 2011
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I Wish People Would Stop Telling Me How Lucky I Am

Let’s get something out of the way up front: yes, I am lucky. I was born into a family that loved and supported me. I’ve met key people along the way who have helped my education and career. I’ve gone to very, very good schools. I shoot with nice cameras.

The artist on display. Gallery [...]

Friday Night

Gallery Opening, Barcelona May 2011

Where’s the party?

I got, fat bags of skunk
I got, White Owl blunts
And I’m about to go get lifted
Yes I’m about to go get lifted

Joy Division

Prayer. Barcelona May 2011

Sometimes I have a hard time deciding what image to choose just like everyone else out there. I think I like the second one better.

Interior Anterior

Gallery Opening. Barcelona, May 2011

Disscussing Doctrine

Disscussing Doctrine. Barcelona, May 2011

The Original Man

Rwanda, 1999

Ten thousand generations ago a man stood on the tallest hill he could find and looked out at the horizon.

He looked out over the savanna and saw the land that he had know all his life. He saw the land that his father and his father before that and his father before that [...]

The Garden of Earthly Delights

The Power and The Glory

Prayer. Tarragona, Spain

Thinking Outside My Box

As you know I’m a pretty serious photojournalist. This genre takes up most of my time and energy. It is also important for an artist to push himself outside his comfort zone from time to time. So while I’m here in Barcelona I’m working on a series of nudes. For me collaborating with a model [...]

The Long Term Project

The Blessing. Tarragona, Spain 2011

These images are from my ongoing project about a Pentecostal church in Barcelona. On Sunday I traveled wit the pastor to Tarragona a city on the coast about an hour away for the dedication ceremony of a new daughter church. So far I’ve shot about four times for this project [...]


Barcelona, May 2011

Past and Present

Barcelona, October 2009

When I started this blog it was less with the idea of showing what I happened to be shooting that day or that week but to give people an opportunity to see the breadth of my images. Some people only know me for my work in Rwanda for example. Others might be [...]


Street Art, Barcelona May 2011

I have to say I am very impressed by the street art in Barcelona.

Like a Warm Bath

Baptism, Pentecostal Church, Barcelona

Last week I decided to take a bath. Sadly the tub in my apartment is even smaller than it looks. My knees stuck out of the warm water as I tried to relax. Sometimes my life feels like that tub: too small to enjoy, not big enough to spread out in. [...]


Pentecostal Church, Barcelona, May 2011

Recently I shared some images from a project I’ve begun at a Pentecostal church here in Barcelona. I wasn’t over excited about my first images but I feel like I’ve done a bit better on my second trip there. One of the nice things about working at your own pace [...]