March 2011
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At the End of the Tunnel


Staten Island, New York.

I’m leaving in three days and I’m not ready….

Leaving It All Behind

I went to the hospital this week to visit my father who had been quite ill for some time now.  He looked weaker than before but he was actually on the mend and being released the next day. For a man of eighty years he seems tougher than I can imagine. We’ve never been close; [...]

Another Bad Creation

The Bronx. March 2011

Your Security is My Insecurity

Tottenville, Staten Island. March 2011

You might know that surveillance is one of the themes of my photography, especially in New York after September 11th. What I think I find interesting about the concept is the idea we hold onto in our society that if we are vigilant enough, if we follow the rules we [...]

Posing Beauty

The High Line, NYC March 2011

The Writing on the Wall

New York City. March 2011

Seems to be the prevailing sentiment around these parts these days…

You Can Call Him Al

Yesterday I went out to the Antipodes New Jersey to visit my dear friend Al. Between my travel schedule and him living on the dark side of the moon I don’t get to see him nearly as often as I’d like. We drank good rum and smoked even better cigars. We talked about religion and [...]

St. Louis American Profile

The good folks at the St. Louis American did a piece about me and my work that you can check out here. Thanks to Rebecca Rivas for doing such a great job!

Engineer, Geneva, Switzerland 2007


Omar and Vadim Reyes

I was talking with a friend about photography recently and the need for photographers who are just starting out to use this medium as a tool for self exploration and examination. As a photojournalist I tend to project outwards; personally I’m about as introverted as you can get and still be [...]

Moonrise over Manhattan

The Sacred Heart

Our Lord Who Art in Heaven

New York City, February 2011

Love It and Leave It

New York City, March 2011

What is it about me that makes me leave the things I love, the people I care about and venture out into uncertainty? I know the grass isn’t any greener nor does the air smell any sweeter. I love this city, it’s my hometown but after a few months I [...]

Free Exhibition Poster

So to celebrate my current show in St. Louis I will be giving away five signed posters! The first five people to email me their postal address at damaso AT will get a poster! Sorry I can’t do more but postage being what it is and my paycheck being what it is I’m sure [...]

More from St. Louis

Some of you have mentioned that you had never seen some of the images I have in my current show at the May Gallery so here is some documentation from the show along with a nice article that appeared in the student newspaper, enjoy!