February 2011
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All's Well That Ends Well

I had a great time in St. Louis and the reception for my exhibition was great! Thanks again to Bill Barrett and the May Gallery for hosting me during my stay!

It is always interesting to both see the work up on the walls and to watch people’s reaction to it. This was the biggest exhibition [...]

Lecture and Exhibition Opening Today!

I hope that some of you can stop by my talk at Webster University this afternoon or the reception for my exhibition later on! It should be a great time!

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the moment, and for me this is a turning point. I wanted to exhibit my work as a unit [...]

Choices and Changes

Messages and listeners


A model couple

Twice in the past few days when a stranger learns of my lifestyle they have told me that I’m “living the dream” with varying degrees of concealed disdain. I suppose from the outside my life does seem quite dreamlike. Even I would say I am certainly pursuing my dream but what they [...]

The View from Down Here

Brooklyn Moon

Photography has always been a passport for me. If we lived in England one might say it has allowed me to rise, quite far, above my station in life. People are constantly, however subtly, trying to remind me of just what my station should be. With the camera, and its trusty adjutant the [...]

Meditations on Snow

So last week I mentioned that I would write a little more about some of my thoughts on life and photography. Of course I promptly got distracted and didn’t post much at all. So le’ts see if I can give you a little insight into what makes me tick.

I don’t photograph very much in winter, [...]

About Last Week…

Speaking at Monroe High School. Photo by Christian Ramirez

So I got a little distracted, after all, I was hanging out in Rochester, touring Kodak’s film production facility not to mention giving some talks! Thanks to Ricky Frazier at Kodak and Network Northstar for bringing me up to Rochester for the first [...]


Another exhibition, another postcard! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in St. Louis next week for my opening…

Love and Loss

I’m not really a holiday person but seeing everyone else post silly photos of hearts makes me feel as though I should as well…

Having something means that you might lose it. The past year has taught me that. Our lives though they seem to stretch before us like an unending road in reality after the [...]

On the Move

Rolling on…

So as you might have discerned I’m back out on the road. This week I will be in sunny Rochester which is the home of Kodak, one of the sponsors of The Europeans. I will be speaking and showing images at the Rochester Institute of Technology among other venues. Of course I’d always [...]

The Eye of God

I can't wait to get back to Barcelona.

Multimedia Messages

Vienna, 2009

Placemat, Miami


She's got legs….

BBQ, San Deigo, C.A.

Two of a Kind

Vienna at dusk

For some reason I tend to shoot more vertical images with my phone’s camera.

Central Park, NYC

The Best Camera

One wrong move meant certain death… by chocolate!

There is an old saying that the best camera is the one you have with you. In that light, this week I will be posting images I’ve taken with the camera of my mobile phone. For me these types of cameras serve as a kind of sketchpad. [...]