January 2011
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Sunset Shadows

Sunset in Makassar, Indonesia

Running in the Shadows

A child runs in the dome of Berlin's Bundestag.

Many of you know my documentary work but I also have an appreciation for the more abstract things in life as well.

Theme of the Week: Shadows

Havana street scene

Why shadows? Cause they’re awesome that’s why! Before light there was darkness and although our work depends on light shadows and darkness are really what define us.

sheet music

I always give my students an assignment about shadow early on. To understand light you have to understand the darkness and how it can [...]

Looking for Love

Did you find some holiday love last year?

Birthday Memories

Some people buy me something from my Amazon Wish List for my birthday; my real good friends take me to dinner at Peter Luger’s!


It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the holiday season…

Mas de Cuba

A new year’s cold had me knocked out for a few days, leaving me behind in my editing. My loss is your gain since in the meantime you can see some more images from sunny Havana, where I wish I was at right now…

Back stage, hot and cold

The green room

Gas station

Year in Review

It’s 2011, what better time to take a look back at the year that was?

I moved around a bit this year though things got off to a slow start. Before heading back to Europe I got to visit Senegal for the first time!

Hostess Yaune Ndiaye

I spent a few months in Tallinn, Estonia at the [...]