December 2010
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One, Two and Three

Drive by

Al maestro, Arturo O'Farrill

"Everything for the revolution."

Three of a Kind

Mas and more….

Mr. August on the bass


Brooklyn in Cuba

Viva Cuba

I’ve still got more images to share from my trip to Cuba last week, enjoy!

Shadow and light

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Man and trumpet

Waiting in the Wings. Havana 2010

Making changes. Havana 2010

More From Cuba

Bass in the space. Havana 2010

All Class

On stage at the Havana Jazz Festival

My Christmas Gift to You

Holidays aren’t a big deal to me but to many of you they are. So here’s the perfect gift: my article about Austria’s asylum policy just published in World Policy Journal! Please, don’t thank me, just read it and pass it on to your friends. Many of you know me as a photojournalist and indeed [...]

All About the Music

It’s Christmas eve and sooo cold in NYC. Looking at my images of Cuba certianly warms me up, or maybe it’s just the very good rum I happen to be drinking right now…

Sheet music in Havana

Trumpetist Seneca Black at the beach

Student trombonist in Havana

The Return

What can I say about Cuba? It was amazing. Light and color like I’ve never seen before. I’m going to post three images a day for a while. Honestly they don’t do the place justice but I had to try…

Skyline Sunset. Havana December 2010

The Beach

Chucho's Hands. Havana December 2010

Damaso:32; Death:0

Another year, another victory against the forces of entropy! Hard to believe how busy things have been of late but I have enjoyed all of your feedback on my work and look forward to another year of sharing my images with all of you!

Next Stop, Havana!

So next week I will be in Cuba! I can’t wait to get away from the arctic temperatures here in NYC and down to the mild Caribbean breezes. I will try to post pictures as I go but I hear the internet connection isn’t all it could be so stand by. In the meantime I [...]

A Winter’s Tale

Riverside Park, November 2010

Artistic Dialog

Next Stop, Havana

This time next week if all goes well I will be in Cuba photographing Arturo O’Farrill and his Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra while they perform at the Havana Jazz Festival. It should be an amazing trip and I look forward to sharing images as I can…

The Man Himself

Holiday Season

New Jersey to New York

I’m not a huge holiday person. For whatever reason this photo is emotionally evocative of this time of year for me.

Monuments to Progress

Ground Zero. November 2010.

I don’t make a habit of walking by Ground Zero but I did the other day…