November 2010
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Eating and Drinking in Deutschland

Last week I spent a lot of time exploring how high end good are hand made in Germany. We visited a wall covering manufacturer for instance:

And I visited one of Germany’s most revered manufactures of porcelain:

Just a few examples of the work KPM produces.

But of all the hand made products I got a chance [...]

Burmester Audio: Handcrafting Excellence

I’m back in NYC after my whirlwind tour of Germany but I still have lots to share. One of the highlights of our trip was a visit to the headquarters of Burmester Audio, manufacturers of the best, not to mention most expensive, high end audio equipment in the world. If you have 20,000 or 200,000 [...]

Handmade in Germany

So I’m in Germany this week learning all about this country’s handmade manufactured goods. Many of the excellent products we associate with German quality are actually handmade¬† by small companies, including my Leica cameras. I, along with eight other journalists from six different countries, am wandering around Germany, visiting companies and learning just how handmade [...]

First we take Manhattan then we take Berlin

All along the Spree. November 2010

I know, I know I just got back from Vienna so what am doing in Berlin? That’s for me to know and for you to find out by reading my blog this week!

I Cover the Waterfront

The Hudson River. November 2010.

Old Glory

Fifth Avenue, New York City.

Before and After

You have to love fall in New York, don’t you?

Mirror Mirror

Central Park at dusk. November 2010.

At the end of the day

New York, November 2010

Music Man

Composer and band leader Arturo O'Farrill at his home in Brooklyn.

Gone but not forgotten

Mark Ferguson in action

It is hard for me to believe that it has been two years since my good friend Mark Ferguson died. More than just being a great husband, father, son and artist he was an incredible friend. He is sorely missed but what he gave to the world certainly lives on and [...]

Mixed Messages

Graffiti. Vienna, November 2010

I may be back in NYC but I have a few images from Vienna still kicking around…

The Boy is Back in Town

No matter how far I roam NYC will always be home. It’s good to be back even though it feels a little strange I have to say. Hopefully my time here will be as productive as the last three months were in Vienna but of course in a different way. If nothing else I will [...]

Goodbye Vienna!

It’s true, I’m leaving Vienna. Hard to believe it has been nearly three months but so it has and my work here is done. At least for the moment. Over the next few weeks you will see some of the products of this latest trip. Reflecting back over the last few months there is a [...]

The Austrian Mentality

Art Opening, Vienna