October 2010
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Guest Post at the Leica Camera Blog

Go over to the official Leica Camera Blog and check out my guest post! It features many images from my upcoming exhibition Vienna From The Shadows.


I know not everyone can make it to my show in Vienna next month so here’s another image!

The Hot Seat

Press conference. Vienna, October 2010

The Return

After being deported back to Kosovo these two girls and their father were allowed to return to Austria last week.

Freedom of the Press

Press conference. Vienna, October 2010

Exhibition Postcard!

Here’s the postcard for my upcoming exhibition here in Vienna! If you’re good you might get one in the mail. But only if you’re good!

Going Up

Installing the show.

How do you know you’ve gone up a level as an artist? When someone other than yourself hangs your images on the wall while you look on. These guys were professionals!

Measure twice, hang once.

Sneak Peek

Rathaus in winter. November 2009.

One of the images from my upcoming exhibition, Vienna From The Shadows. If you’re in town next month stop by and check it out!

Resident Alien

A former asylum seeker in Vienna.

Message of the Day

Political campaign. Vienna, October 2010.

All Alone

Election night, Vienna 2010

The Greater Good

"We are the good." Election night, Vienna 2010

Vienna From The Shadows, By Damaso Reyes

If you are in Vienna in November please stop by my exhibition of photographs. There will be an opening reception on November 2nd at 18:00.

Dancing in the Dark

Election night at the Green Party. Vienna, October 2010

Election Results

Election results. Vienna, October 2010