August 2010
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Use Your Illusion

Model. New York 2009

The Animal Within

Llama. France 2008

It feels like a llama kind of day, doesn’t it?

My List of Cool Stuff Everyone Should Own

What kind of camera do you use? I hear that a lot. It’s not really all that important since everyone needs to fits the equipment that fits their goals. What does tend to translate are the non photographic items. Here is my 2010 list of cool stuff you need to get…

Amazon Kindle (or any good [...]

Through the Shadows

Surrounded by Shadow. Vienna, August 2010

Unpopular Models

Car. Vienna, August 2010

Everywhere and Nowhere

Street art. Vienna, August 2010

“Police Everywhere, Justice Nowhere.”

Concrete Jungle

“Nature must not win the game, but she cannot lose…” C G Jung.

Brought to You by the Letter M

Stencil. Vienna, August 2010

In the Details

Acronym. Vienna, August 2010

I'll Be Watching You

Big Brother is your friend. Subway, NYC. August 2010

You might have noticed but I have a thing for surveillance. It is a reoccurring theme in my work, especially in New York after September 11th. I like taking photographs of cameras and I an really interested in the reaction people have to being photographed.

Always [...]

Public Faith, Public Protest

This is from my first afternoon back in Vienna. As you can see there is plenty to photograph…

Youthful Indiscretion

Street party. Vienna, August 2010

I hope you had as much fun this weekend as she did…

Back to the Future

Reflections on Life

So here I am, back in Vienna. For the third time in two and a half years I find myself in Austria’s capital. I am looking forward to the next three months of photography and learning. I hope to finish up my work with asylum seekers (at least in this country) while [...]

Tonight New York, Tomorrow Vienna!

The day before a trip is always a bit hectic. Will I remember everything I need? The answer is of course no. Am I prepared? Again, not so much. Does it matter? Not really. I’ve been doing this a while now and I know that I will land on my feet no matter what. That [...]

Into the Light

Escalator, Delancey Street. August 2010