April 2010
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The Lush Life

There’s a lot of be said for being a photojournalist. Bad hours, lousy pay, little love. Then again every once in a while you get to hang out back stage at a burlesque show. So there is that I suppose…

Backstage. Barcelona. October 2009

More images, galleries even, coming to your screen soon. I [...]

New Images Coming Soon…

So I am currently chained to my computer, scanning images from my last trip to Europe, before I head off to my next trip which will be to Estonia next month. So if you don’t hear from me much, don’t be alarmed. Just working away in the salt mines!

A protester in Barcelona gets down

Everyday Heroes

People throw the word hero around quite a bit but recently I had a chance to interview members of the NYPD’s Taskforce 1 who helped save lives in Haiti after the earthquake.

Sgt McGuiness, Detective Coll and Detective Mulcahy of New York Task Force 1.

Detective Dean Mulcahy got the call at 3 a.m.

As [...]

One of these things is not like the other…

Postcards for sale. Brittany, France 2008

Shut Up and Do It!

Starting is always the hardest part; finishing is almost as bad. But dreams are just that until we decide to realize them. How long have you talked about starting that amazing project or taking that life changing trip? How long has your fear or uncertainty held you back from what you really want in life? [...]

Postcard Project Strikes Again

So I decided to make a postcard in honor of my recent trip to Senegal. The Postcard Project is my attempt to create tangible works of art in this digital age. Each series is limited to 100 pieces and has a personal message from me to you! All you need to do is [...]

Dear Leader

A North Korean attends the unveiling of the African Renaissance Monument in Dakar.

Standing in the Need of Prayer

The Rev Herbert Daughtry Sr. takes a moment in Senegal

Liberation Theory

A poster on Goree Island. During the slave trade this is the last place many Africans were held before being shipped to the Americas.

To see more please click on this link.

Signs of the Times

Graffiti on Goree Island, Senegal.

Black is Very Beautiful

Hostess Yaune Ndiaye. Dakar, April 2010

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Never Forget

I just got back from Senegal where I spent three days documenting that nation’s celebrations of the new African Renaissance Monument as well as the 50th anniversary of independence. This week I will feature images from that [...]

Back to Africa

Masai farmer. Tanzania 2006. © Damaso Reyes

I’m heading to Senegal for a short trip! I will post photos as I make them so stay tuned. See you next week!