March 2010
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A Face of Music

Bata Drummer Iwao Sado at Jazz at Lincoln [...]

Two New Postcards

The Postcard Project is back, again!

The Watchmen

There is not one, but TWO new postcards, yours for the taking. The Postcard Project is my attempt to create tangible works of art in this digital age. Each series is limited to 100 pieces and has a personal message from me to you! All you [...]

A Soldier’s Life

Marines participate in a graduation ceremony. Parris Island, SC 2006. © Damaso [...]

Hard Work Pays Off

On the job. Paris 2007 © Damaso [...]

Everything is not enough

Photography is a jealous mistress. It wants all your passion, attention and [...]

Rite of Spring

Jumping the fire at a spring festival in [...]


Dinner at Peter Luger’s restaurant in Brooklyn. © Damaso [...]

Death be not Proud

Rwandans search for mass graves during the 10 anniversary of the genocide. [...]

Status Check

Violinist Nathalie Bonin checks her levels during rehearsal at Jazz at Lincoln [...]

Under the Wire

A Marine recruit faces his final test. © Damaso [...]

The Link

The Manhattan Bridge at [...]

Fin du Monde

France’s savage [...]

An Open Heart

A chrysanthemum in bloom at the New York Botanic [...]

The Haunting

Salvador Dali seems to haunt bassist Carlos Henriquez during a rehearsal at Jazz at Lincoln [...]

The Best Way to Learn; Or Why Workshops are a Waste

The truth of the matter is that most workshops are a scam. Most, but not all, photographers do them to make a quick buck. Some have portfolio requirements but many if not most do not. As long as you’ve got a pulse and the check clears, come on down! Sure you get to rub shoulders with a great photographer and maybe you pick up a trick or [...]