December 2009
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Dancing and Dreaming

Dancing in [...]

Signs of our Times

The global economic crisis is reflected in this shop [...]


Young Slovakian girls dance at a school [...]

The Power of No

Of course if it was easy everyone would be doing it. I find that many people stop themselves before they even get going. “I won’t get it” and “I’m not qualified” are two common refrains I hear. I feel like if you don’t try the answer will be definitely be [...]

Merry Christmas!

Damaso and Mariela Vera-Briggs making cookies. © Damaso Reyes

Holiday Magic

Documenting the changing face of [...]

Last Minute Shopping

Shopping for fish in [...]

The Long Road Home

Homeward bound. © Damaso Reyes

Come Together…

Photographs from New York and [...]

More Free Postcards!

As you might remember I was giving away free postcards a while back. Well, I still am, only this time in living color! Send me an email or smoke signal with you mailing address and I will send you a limited edition postcard for free! Only one per customer and you don’t get to choose [...]

Pass the Cash

Before I left Europe I had the chance to photograph at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange which is a very interesting place [...]

Damaso and his List of Useful Stuff 2009

Stuff you should [...]

My Photographs Featured on the Sekonic Blog

If you have some time and want to learn more about my process and philosphy head on over to the Sekonic Blog to read an interview I did and to see some images!

A wing and a prayer.

The Personal Project

Remember how we were talking about vision last week? Well part of that for a photographer is the personal project. Often times that is what sets you apart from the guy working at the Sears Portrait Studio, or the local newspaper for that [...]

Another brick in the wall...

Photography and [...]