November 2009
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Lust for Life

LIfe and love in [...]

Out on the Edge of Nowhere

But the road is dark. Fear will be your constant companion; uncertainty the jacket you wrap yourself in to protect against the night. I’ve come to live with these things, to accept, if not love, the feelings I get when I board a plane or train or boat destined for a foreign land armed only with the hope that if everything goes right I might have a chance. Of course often the best laid plans do often go astray. You find yourself off the map, not quite where dragons lie but close [...]

The Sleep of the Good

Mosques serve many different roles. Makassar, Indonesia 2003.

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Bright Lights, Big City

Photographs from New York and [...]

Dancing in the Dark

Dancing at a traditional gathering in Brittany. September 2008.

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Photography as Philosphy

The space in which long form and documentary photojournalism exists is continuing to shrink and until the next venue which can support this work becomes a reality more and more people are leaving this field. Of even more concern is that while there are many committed photojournalists who stubbornly keep doing the work that is important to them it is increasingly becoming difficult to do that work. If a story is too obscure, too far away or not in a hot spot, no one, at least in the newspaper and magazine world, wants to pay for [...]

The Lonely Road

We fail, then fail some more and continue failing until we have an image strong enough to be a bridge, sturdy enough to cross the rivers of doubt and mistrust that flow between our viewers and our subjects. It is difficult to hew such strong stone to build this bridge but we [...]

Lunch Time in Rwanda

Lunch at a reeducation camp. Rwanda 1999. © Damaso Reyes

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Nature’s Fireworks

Now that fall is here and winter is not far away it’s nice to pause and remember the warm days when ambling across a bridge was not akin to taking your life into your [...]

The Tree of Knowledge

Outside the central synagogue in [...]

Window Dressing

Watching and waiting. Muzla, Slovakia [...]

New images from Hungary & Slovakia

In just ten weeks I photographed in small towns and well as in the countryside; in a car factory and at a wine festival. I look forward to going back [...]


A young girl waits for her brother to graduate from the Marine Corps training center at Parris Island, [...]

Remembering Mark

Mark Ferguson at work. © Damaso Reyes

My good friend Mark Ferguson died a year ago and in many ways I am still coming to terms with the loss. When you’re young you just assume that everyone around you will always be there. Mark was a teacher and then friend whose kindness and generosity has [...]

New Images from Brittany

To that end I make my images available (both to myself and others) when I damn well feel like it. The nice thing about not having a deadline is that you don’t have to rush; you can reflect, relax and actually [...]