September 2009
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I’m Here…

One of Barcelona's lovely churches. © Damaso Reyes

I’ve arrived in Barcelona! Just settling in now, more to come….

Leaving on a Jet Plane…

A plane passes over the Brooklyn Navy Yard. © Damaso Reyes

So it’s upwards and onwards for me. I’m leaving for Barcelona today but I hope you will stay plugged into my blog here and keep abreast of all my adventures in Europe over the next two months!

All Aboard

Taking the Ferry. © Damaso Reyes

Friday Night and Saturday Morning

A late night on the streets of Vienna. © Damaso Reyes

The look and the Life

A circus performer outside of London. © Damaso Reyes

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Past and Present

A skateborder rides past a WWII memorial in Paris. © Damaso Reyes

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Do as I say, not as I do…

A Dutch minister takes a smoke break during a meeting in The Hague. © Damaso Reyes

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Having a Ball

A Jazz singer performs at a traditional ball in Vienna. © Damaso Reyes

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Speaking Truth to Power

Protesting in New Olreans. © Damaso Reyes

An image from my series on New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

A Burden to Bear

Carrying the Cross. © Damaso Reyes

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By the dawn’s early light

Marine recruits patrol at dawn on Parris Island. © Damaso Reyes

Form and Function

The confluence of art and fun. © Damaso Reyes

Times Square

The crossroads of America. © Damaso Reyes

How Few Remain

September 12th 2001. © Damaso Reyes

A man literally wraps himself in the flag to show his patriotism after the World Trade Center attack.

Round Midnight

Berlin by Night. © Damaso Reyes